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In May of 2001 I went to Paris for a week, just like that. I stayed in two lovely little inexpensive hotels, centrally located, and I had a great time. This is a mini-documentary of those little hotels.

Bear in mind that Parisian hotel rooms are notoriously small, particularly the budget ones. That's just fine with me, as I spend very little time in my room, and when I am there I'm either sleeping or pounding away on my laptop, neither of which requires a lot of space. My concerns are that the place be clean, quiet, central, and cheap. I got 4 out of 4 on both places. The only thing missing was a view, but considering I spent all day every day sucking in the views until my eyeballs hurt, this was not such an issue, and the "courtyard views" I had translated to "quiet", which was hard to believe, given the locations.

Neither room had a toilet or shower, but in both cases they were nearby and sparklingly clean. And I never had to wait for someone else to finish.